Seeing God for Who He Is
This Word is Not EnoughThe Goodness of GodThe Sovereignty of GodThe Wisdom of God

Description:  It seems as though the God we worship is being forced out of the minds of society. Media attacks, attacks from the scientific communities, as well as just plain old indifference has caused many people to give up on God altogether. Many want to reduce God from His position of Divinity, to being some fanciful genie created in their own image.  
This series of sermons, “Seeing God for Who He Really Is,” takes a fresh look at His wonderful attributes.
If you want to gain new respect and insight to the Greatness of our God check out this series.

Hosted by: Kenneth Wright

New Iberia Church of Christ

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Seeing God
   for Who He Is
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This World is Not Enough

Description: There are milestones in life that fill us with incredible joy. The mundane is transformed into the glorious. We want to build something on our Mount of Transfiguration - then - it all falls down. Folks, the pleasures of this world will always leave us wanting. This lesson deals with the importance of Seeing God for Who He Is.

The Goodness of God

Description: There seems to be a movement toward taking God completely out of the picture in today’s society. People have forgotten who God is. Rather than acknowledging the God created them – people are trying to create their own god. Many have lost sight of God’s goodness in their lives. This message will help you to see His goodness once again.

The Sovereignty of God

Description: This lesson deals with the fact that “God” is the God over all things. Contrary to popular belief, the God of the Bible is not a myth. “God” is the God of the Cosmos. “God” is the God of the World. “God” is the God who is sovereign over you life as well.

The Wisdom of God

Description: It seems like we must have a contingency plan for everything we do in today’s society. “What will I do if I catch my spouse cheating?” “What will I do if I lose my job?” “What will I do if I loose my retirement?” We’re always looking for an escape plan if life isn’t fair. Our Father in heaven saw his creation wallowing in sin and he knew he must do something. In the wisdom of God you learn that He doesn’t have a plan – “B.”



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