The Journey - A Walk Through The Gospel of John

Do you really know Him?
"The Journey - Part One"

Jesus the Great "I AM"
"The Journey - Part Two"

Jesus is God
"The Journey - Part Three"

Born of the Water and the Spirit
"The Journey - Part Four"

The Apostle John want his readers to truly come to know that Jesus is God. Unlike Matthew, Mark, and Luke, John focuses upon the deity of Jesus. The Journey series is a slow, deliberate walk through this gospel account and is intended to help you come to know Jesus in a very personal and intimate way. Remember, knowing facts about someone is not actually knowing someone. If you want to become more intimate with the Lord check out this series.

Hosted by: Kenneth Wright

New Iberia Church of Christ

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The Journey Series -
A Walk Through the Gospel of John
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The Journey – Part One

Description: There is a big difference between knowing “about” Jesus and “knowing” Jesus intimately. This Introductory lesson to the Gospel of John will help you to understand the necessity of a personal journey with the Son of God.

The Journey - Part Two

Description: When Moses stood at the burning bush and asked God, “Who are you,” God answered, “I Am, that I Am.” You can almost hear Moses thinking, “You ‘AM’ What?” John the apostle reveals the Great ‘I Am’ in his Gospel as Jesus the Christ.

The Journey- Part Three

Description: John reveals that Jesus IS God. This lesson will explore the false doctrine expressed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) and Jehovah’s Witness cult. These groups claim that Jesus is one god of many. However, John the apostle attacks this notion with a vengeance. Jesus IS God.

The Journey – Part Four

Description: A man named Nicodemus came to Jesus at night and during the conversation Jesus tells him, “… no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.” This lesson will give you greater insight to the concept of the new birth from a Biblical perspective.

The Journey – Part Five

Description: It seems as though people will believe anything put forth in our modern society. People believe all sorts of stuff. Some believe that Elvis is alive and working at a Burger King in Wisconsin, others believe in alien abductions. Some believe various conspiracy theories. All of this garbage has caused people to become cynical about many things – even about Jesus. This lesson deals with a very cynical woman who meets Jesus at Jacob’s Well – and her life is changed forever.

The Journey -- Part Six

Description: Jesus meets a crippled man at a pool called “Bethesda.” Here we see Jesus healing a man who can do nothing for himself. In like manner, Jesus can help you when you are feeling helpless.

The Journey -- Part Seven

Description: It almost seems that Jesus is purposely driving people away from his ministry. HOW? He does so by issuing a call to REAL commitment. In this lesson, Jesus demands that you to become more than you currently are – if you would be his disciple.

The Journey – Part Eight

Description: People have two choices when it comes to “Truth” – you can receive it, or you can reject it. This lesson explores four reasons as to why people reject the truth about Jesus.

The Journey – Part Nine

Description: Jesus said, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” This lesson explores the historical background of his comment and how he uses it to verify the fact that Jesus is God.

The Journey – Part Ten

Description: How do you deal with sin? The example of the woman caught in the act of adultery has many lessons to for us to learn. You see, sometimes we can be a little self-righteous. However, when we truly follow Jesus, we are made to see our sin and realize that He is our only hope.

The Journey – Part Eleven

Description: How do you deal with sin? The example of the woman caught in the act of adultery has many lessons to for us to learn. You see, sometimes we can be a little self-righteous. However, when we truly follow Jesus, we are made to see our sin and realize that He is our only hope.

The Journey – Part Twelve

Description: Sometimes we become afraid in this old world of uncertainty. There are many voices calling out to us on a daily basis: the voice of fear, the voice of hatred, the voice of bigotry, the voice of the world. However, we should find comfort in the fact that the God that spoke this world into existence knows you by name. That’s powerful! He not only knows your name, but he speaks to calm you in your uncertainty. If you are a disciple you should hear the voice of the Shepherd.

The Journey – Part Thirteen

Description: At times, we need to have our faith stretched. Such was the case of Martha and Mary. Jesus doesn’t want us to view him as just another miracle worker, He want us to know him as God. Sometime that means he will wait until we quit taking Him for granted.

The Journey – Part Fourteen

Description: Jesus in the Resurrection and the Life. What does that mean? This lesson we deal with various issues concerning Just who Jesus actually is.

The Journey – Part Fifteen

Description: Have you ever thought about your part in the salvation of mankind. The resurrection of Lazarus is a picture of God’s work and our work in raising the spiritually dead.

The Journey – Part Sixteen

Description: We begin the last week of the life of Jesus. In this lesson we will find three types of believers: the curious, the committed and the counterfeit. Identifying each group will help you to determine where you stand in the sight of God.

The Journey – Part Seventeen

Description: Salvation doesn’t come to us through extra knowledge or some mystical experience. Salvation comes to us through Jesus. To truly know Jesus we must obey His words.

The Journey – Part Eighteen

Description: Is there ever a time when God will give up on a person? This lesson will surprise you. Sometime God has a part in hardening the hart of man.

The Journey – Part Nineteen

Description: Jesus has drawn a line in the sand. This message will show you what he expects of you if you truly desire to be on His side.

The Journey – Part Twenty

Description: Some folks spend their lives telling Jesus what he can and can’t do with their life. This lesson will enlighten you concerning how we hamper the work of Jesus in our lives.

The Journey – Part Twenty One

Description: Have you ever noticed how people use outward symbols to show they are Christians? People wear crosses or T-shirts, uses bumper stickers and fish-symbols to tell people, “Hey, look at me. I’m a Christian.” This lesson explores the inward qualities that God wants a person to possess. These qualities are what truly identify a person as belonging to Christ.

The Journey – Part Twenty Two

Description: The words of John 14:1, “Let not you heart be troubled,” are often used in a eulogy at the loss of a loved one. This lesson covers the person struggles of a man whose grand-daughter was killed in an auto accident just before Christmas 2008. The big questions that is answered is, “Okay God, where were you when I need you?”

The Journey – Part Twenty Three

Description: Jesus had been talking about leaving the disciples and the disciples were confused: "Where was he going?" "Why didn't he show himself to the world?" As they leave the upper room and head toward Gethsemane, Jesus starts talking to them about their connection to him as the "True Vine." This lesson offers several insights to anyone who wants to bear a lot of fruit in their life.

The Journey -- Part Twenty Four

Description: Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and you are the branches.” This lesson deals with being productive in your Christian life. Ken will explore the kind of “fruit” Jesus desires you to produce.

The Journey -- Part Twenty Five

Description: Many people confuse the Lord’s Prayer with the example prayer he gave to the disciples in the Sermon on the Mount. The Lord’s Prayer takes place in the Garden on the night before his crucifixion. In the lesson, Ken will look at the Person offering the prayer, the occasion of the prayer, the contents of the prayer, and the victory brought about by the prayer. It’s a wonderful thing to know that Jesus had you on his mind the night before he went to the cross.

The Journey -- Part Twenty Six

Description: The hour had come, Jesus was arrested, and the Great I AM stood between 600 armed soldiers and the disciples, protecting those that the Father had given to Him. Today, we find He is still standing between you and those that would harm you. Our children sing “Jesus loves me this I know, For the Bible tells me so.” This is more than a children’s song, it is a statement of fact.

The Journey -- Part Twenty Seven Description:  Sometimes we feel as though we’ll never be able to become what God wants us to be. Guess what? We can’t – but God do it for us if we allow it. This lesson explores the trials of Jesus and the denials of Peter. It also shows that God is faithful and Jesus will finish the work he has started in you.
The Journey -- Part Twenty Eight Description:   We make choices every day. On one level we choose the clothes we will wear; we choose the food we will eat; we choose the televisions programs we will watch; an so forth. On a higher level we choose to follow God will or our own desires. Two thousand years ago, the Jews chose a man named Barabbas. What choices do you make?
The Journey -- Part Twenty Nine Description:  Can you find any fault in the person named Jesus? Pontius Pilate couldn’t – yet he allowed him to be crucified. How many of us know – without any uncertainty – that Jesus is the Son of God – and still refuse to do the right thing. This lesson explores the events leading up to the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.
The Journey -- Part Thirty

Description:  If the Biblical account is true, if man really did fall in the Garden of Eden, if we really are because of that slaves to sin who are living under the dominion of the Devil, if we really are doomed to an eternity separated from the God who created us, then what we have before us in this lesson is the only hope for salvation - Period! If it didn’t happen here, at the Cross, it never happened at all. If it didn’t happen here, then the fate of men and women is sealed and we are lost in our sin for all eternity. In this lesson Ken take you to the Cross. Here, you will you see that - right here - your eternal destiny can be changed.

The Journey -- Part Thirty One

Description:  Last week we looked at the events leading up to the death of Jesus Christ. As powerful and moving as that portion of Scripture is, people still ask, “Why did Jesus have to suffer and die?”
And the answer is very simple: “The ultimate judgment for our sin is death. Jesus went to the Cross to once and for all pay the debt that our sin deserved, ultimately it came down to this --- Jesus had to die. Without the shedding of Blood, there is no forgiveness for sin --- Period. And so, Jesus shed His blood for us. In This lesson Ken will show you how to gain access to that precious blood.

The Journey -- Part Thirty Two

Description:  How important is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead to Christianity? A lot of folks would say that it is not that important at all. As a matter of fact --- there are many in “Christian circles” who will tell you that the Resurrection probably didn’t happen --- and whether it did or not is no big deal. Folks, you can’t miss this: “If Christ is not risen, our faith is worthless and we are still in our sins.” In other words --- all of Christianity hinges on this one great event --- the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. In this message, Ken will explore the facts of the resurrection and their implications to us today. You will learn that His tomb is empty and the way to heaven is wide open.

The Journey -- Part Thirty Three

Description:  Have you ever had a dream destroyed? The disciples are disillusioned. Their dreams have been shattered. Peter is. He had denied Jesus three times. He went back to what he new best. Jesus meets Peter at the starting point of their relationship – at the sea. There, Jesus rekindles the dream. In this message Ken will explore how to restore those dreams we have lost.



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