Confronting the Crisis at Calvary

Confronting The Crisis at Calvary - Part One
"Confronting the  Crisis at Calvary - One"

Confronting the Crisis at Calvary - Part Two
"Confronting the  Crisis at Calvary - Two"

Confronting the Crisis at Calvary - Part Three
"Confronting the  Crisis at Calvary - Three"

We all know that the message of the Cross is vital to understanding the work of Jesus in the World. However, this message is under an all out assault in today's society. If you want to see where you might be in this battle between good and evil watch this series.

Hosted by: Kenneth Wright

New Iberia Church of Christ

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Confronting the
Crisis at Calvary
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“Confronting the Crisis at Calvary – Part One”

Description: Today, we are facing a Crisis! People are flippantly looking at the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary – and the results are disastrous. This message explores three results brought about by the modern day crisis in Christianity.

“Confronting the Crisis at Calvary – Part Two”

Description: Our greatest problem is not the mistakes we make in life, but that we fail to learn from them. If you seem to be caught on the treadmill of life and you keep making the same mistakes, this message will help you get out of the pit of despair and on the path God desires for your life.

“Confronting the Crisis at Calvary – Part Three”

Description: Jesus prayed for unity among his followers. Since this is the case we ask, “Why is there so much division in the religious world?” This message explores the causes of these divisions and the Biblical solution God wants us to achieve.



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