The Book of Revelation
I Saw Heaven Open - Lesson Three

This morning I want you to put yourself in the place of a first century Christian living somewhere in Asia.

Hello, I'm Kenneth Wright the minister of the Church of Christ in New Iberia, Louisiana. Welcome to In Light of the Word.

Just imagine that one evening someone bangs on your door one and says, "COME ON! We've all got to get together tonight," and you ask, "WHY?"

The answer shocks you. "Because we've just received a letter from God."

This is exactly what happened to the members of seven different congregations in the First Century.

It's a lengthy letter sent by the last remaining Apostle of Christ. He's a man who is suffering, just as you. A man in exile on the ragged little island called Patmos. A man who actually knew Jesus and he sat at his feet.

He saw the Lord die. But he also saw the empty tomb. Remarkably, he sat, ate, walked, and talked with the resurrected Savior. He did this all the way up until he himself saw the Savior ascend into heaven.

And now, this beloved Apostle has sent a letter to your little gathering of Christians --- a letter from the Lord Himself.

This - is the letter we call "The Book of the Revelation.

I know your curious, so go get your Bible and study along with me as we explore the first chapter of the wonderful book -- In Light f the Word.

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