The Book of Revelation
I Saw Heaven Opened - Lesson Six

In the first century Smryna is a wealthy, commercial trade center, located on a deep harbor of the Aegean Sea. Smyrna competed with Ephesus and Pergamum for the title "First City of Asia."

 Hello I'm Ken Wright the Minister of the church of Christ in New Iberia, Louisiana and Welcome to In Light of the Word.

Today we look at the second letter to the seven churches in Asia. It's addressed to the little, struggling congregation in the city of Smyrna.

The Lord tells its members that even though they are struggling, even though they are hurting, and even though some of them are going to die, nothing on this planet is worth sacrificing you allegiance to God. He says that their faith in him should be unmovable, and total, even in the face of such trials.

Why? Because He is the first and the last, the one who dies and came to life again.

So What does that mean? Go get your bibles and study along with me as we explore the impact of trusting the Lord in time of trouble and heartache - In Light of the Word.

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