Shine - Called to Be Lights in a Dark Word

Falling Through the Cracks
"Falling Through the Cracks
Shine One"

Being a Light in a Dark World
"Being a Light in a Dark World
Shine Two"

Being a Light in a Dark World Shine 3
"You can't Shine without Jesus
Shine Three"

You can't Shine without Jesus
"To Shine You Must Be Committed
Shine Four"

The Secret of Being Effective
"The Secret of Being Effective
Shine Five"

We all know that Jesus calls up on his followers to become lights in a dark world. However, claiming to be a "light" and actually being a "light" are two separate matters. This series presents practical insights on "HOW' to carry out the will of Jesus in you life. 

Hosted by: Kenneth Wright

New Iberia Church of Christ

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Called to be Lights in a Dark World
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Shine One - “Falling Through the Cracks”

Description: Sometimes we neglect to minister to people we consider as the “dregs of society.” However, Jesus constantly ministered to people of this sort. How do people fall through the cracks of humanity? What, if anything, should we be doing for them if we are truly to be lights in a dark world?

Shine Two - “Being a Light in a Dark World”

Description: Jesus call upon his followers to be lights in a dark world. However, carrying out this aspect of discipleship has its pitfalls. The world hates the light and loves the darkness. What are we to expect if we live as lights in the world? This message explores the consequences of following Jesus.

Shine Three – “You can’t Shine without Jesus”

Description: If we are going to shine as lights in a dark world we must focus on Jesus. “What are the results,” you ask. Simple, when you focus on Jesus you SERVE others.

Shine Four – “To Shine You Must be Committed”

Description: This lesson explores the fundamental elements of COMMITMENT and what happens when one or more of the elements is missing in your life.

Shine Five – "The Secret of Being Effective"

Description: Sometime we are hampered in our service to God because of all the strife and turmoil we find ourselves experiencing in our daily lives. This lesson explores the peace we have with God as we shine as light in a dark world.

Shine Six -- "Do We Blind or Give Guidance" Description:  Are you wrapped up in rules or following Jesus Christ. Often people will choke the life out of a new Christian by forcing them to abide by church traditions. When we do that, we have become no better than the Pharisees of long ago. “Give guidance” – this what Jesus wants us do as light in a dark world.
Shine Seven -- "Viewing the World Through the Eyes of God" Description:  Often we are ignorant about the purpose of life. “Why are we here?” Too often we answer this question from a human perspective. When we begin to view the world through the eyes of a loving God our attitude changes and we see people as those for whom Jesus died. When we can do this – we can truly be lights in a dark world.
Shine Eight -- "Incarnation verses Institution" Description: Contrary to popular belief – Salvation depends upon your relationship with the body of Christ. Mankind has developed “Institutional Theology” (the doctrine of church organization) which is violently opposed to God’s plan. Jesus was incarnated in the flesh – the second incarnation is his visible body upon the earth… Are you in that body?


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