Open the Door to Understanding

So, What about Baptism
"So, What About Baptism
and My True Identity in Christ?"

"Preventing Identity Theft"

How to Deal With Anxiety
"How to Deal With Anxiety"

Satan's Secret Weapon
"Satan's Secret Weapon"

The “In Light of the Word” television ministry has a vision to provide Christians with an effectual means to better understand and apply God’s Word to their lives. Discover the answers to your spiritual questions right here..  

Hosted by: Kenneth Wright

New Iberia Church of Christ

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In Light of the Word
  Open the Door to Understanding
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 "How Haman Hung Himself"

Description: “Pride” will destroy your life. Haman found out the hard way. This lesson explores the ramifications of allowing pride to control your actions.

"Why Should I Change My Religion"

Description: In this message Ken explores the man wrong reasons people change their religion. Then he give you a way to take the acid test to see if you should change
"Exclusive" Description: Is Christianity an Exclusive Religion? Ken explores the Biblical concept.
"Why Live in the Mist When You Can Have the Rain?" Description: Do you feel as though life is simple a journey through a foggy mist and you really can’t see where you’re going? Let Jesus bring the refreshing rain and clear the fog. God has given the Christian every spiritual blessing heaven has to offer.

"Throw Some Wood on the Fire"

Description: Ken deals with regaining your spiritual fever.
"How to Impact the World" Description: What do you do when all human efforts fail? In this message, Ken explores God’s way to change the world.

"Little Johnny Doesn’t Know Right From Wrong"

Description: Thanks to Dr. Spock and the concept of situation ethics, parents today have a hard time describing absolute truth to their children. The result is a nation of people with mixed values and a false sense of right and wrong. Ken discusses the cure.
"Jesus' Focus on the Price"

Description: Jesus paid a price for us to reach heaven. But, is there a price we must pay as well? What does it mean to ‘count the cost?'

"Change Your Focus"

Description: If you think God is just a myth because you are going through all sorts of struggles in this life and it seems like He doesn’t care – you need to change your focus and realize that Christ is real, and then come to an understanding of what that means to your life.

"Jesus Changes the Way We See"

Description:  If you have a relationship with Jesus it should change the way you view things in the world. It changes the way you look at people. It changes they way you look at the church. It changes the way you look at the world. But most importantly, it changes the way you look at yourself.

"The Mind of Christ"

Description: We live in a “Me First” world. However, if you are a child of God that attitude must change. This lesson answer the question: “What does it mean to have ‘the Mind of Christ?’”

"So, What About Baptism and My True Identity in Christ?"

Description: This sermon explores the biblical principle of baptism. It answers the question: “What happens when I am baptized?”

"Can We Fall From Grace"

Description: What does the Bible say about ‘Once saved – always saved?” Can a child of God loose his/her salvation? This sermon explores the Biblical concepts salvation and whether or not a person can sins so as to loose that which Jesus died for on Calvary.

"Paying the Bills"

Description: The Holy, Pure, and Righteous God cannot be approached by evil. There is a debt to be paid and this lesson searched for an answer to the question, “Who’s going to pay the bill?”

"Two Principles of Happiness"

Description: Everyone wants to be happy in this world. This message reveals two outstanding principles that will assist you in your pursuit of your desires. You might be surprised at the answers God give on this subject.

"How to Deal With Anxiety"

Description: Shortness of breath, worry, sleeplessness, antsy feelings – all of these put to a common malady in today’s society. This message will help you learn to cope and deal with those things causing your anxiety.

"How Can I Cope With Stress"

Description: Have you every felt as though you are living like a hamster running on a treadmill? Does your life seem filled with every bad thing imaginable? Does the world feel as though it’s crowding in and suffocating you? This message will help you cope with the mounting problems of life.

"Jesus Forgives Our Sins"

Description: Sometimes, we are guilty of taking the things Jesus accomplished for granted. This message through light on four of those areas we sometime overlook in our relationship with Christ.

"The Decay of the American Conscience"

Description: What is happening to America? What has happened to plain old morality and common since? What has happened to “God’s Country?” There is a moral decline in our society and this message explores the reasons.

"The Decay of the American Conscience - 2"

Description: Society is in a shambles. Perverted lifestyles are given political status. Drugs abuse is running rampant among our youth. Teen pregnancies have tripled in the last few years. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Why?” This message asks a hard, persons question, “Am I a part of the problem or the solution?”

"Who Am I?"

Description: Who do you see when you look at the man in the mirror? Do you see a chameleon – one who changes the way he relates to others depending on the crowd he’s hanging with? Do you see the mystery man – the one who is hard for others to figure out? When you say, “I am a Christian,” what’s the difference in what others see and what God sees?

"What's the Point?"

Description: Just how honest are you? This lesson explores the idea of being honest with yourself and with God.

"Is Your Name in the Book of Life?"

Description: Trey Mouton deals with issues and attitudes in the church.

"Guest Speaker: Trey Mouton"

Description: Who is raising your child? Trey deals with the issues facing modern day parents and the neglect of being responsible to God.

"Satan's Secret Weapon"

Description: Did you know that the Bible tells us that the whole world is under the control of Satan? This message deals with the Christians attitude toward the world and some of the pitfalls we can fall into.

"The Lost Generation"

Description: Ken gives several Biblical examples of people who lost what God had given them simply because they wouldn’t listen to Him and decided to listen to their own hearts.

"Father Knows Best"

Description: Each day of your life is filled with decision making. Sometime we make good decisions – sometimes we really blow it. Ken reveals the Biblical principle that God wants you to seek Him when you need to make a decision in your life.

"The Downfall of Judas"
(Newton "Bud" Leger)
Description: The name “Judas” summarizes the concept of the ultimate betrayal. Even though Judas was one of the “Chosen,” He succumbed to Satan’s temptations and fell. This lesson follows the trail of moral decline and serves as a warning to Christians today.
"Preventing Identity Theft" Description: How often have you felt like saying, "What's the use? Living the Christian life is just too difficult." We find our new identity wrapped up with Jesus and Satan knows that and he tries to steal your new identity everyday. In the lesson Ken gives insights on how to keep that from happening. 
"Satan Has Come to Steal" Description: God wants to change you from who you are to what he wants you to become. This lesson explores what happens when we allow Satan to rob us.
"They Know Not What They Do Description: While pouring out his life on Calvary, Jesus pleaded, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." This plea spans 2,000 years as Jesus' compassion reaches out to you.
"The Few" Description: Jesus speaks of two life styles in His teachings. One is self-serving. the other is sacrificial. This lesson begs the question, "Are you one of the many or the few?"
"Why Am I Not All I Can Be In Christ?" Description: Have you ever felt useless when it comes to all this “church stuff?” Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I feel like I can’t function in the church the way God wants me too?” The answer may surprise you.



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